My music is a simple Americana/Acoustic/Indie Rock blend driven by guitar and vocal melodies, and honest, visceral lyrics about being a person....and other things.  I tackle a variety of emotions and topics in my songwriting — complacence, fear, hope, self-doubt, purpose, society, honesty, hate, love, joy, sorrow... — anything that makes me feel and compels me to create.  I have been writing songs for most of my life.  Now, in the midst of a creative glut, I want to share my songs with whoever is willing to listen.  I hope you enjoy. 

My first EP, "The Whole World is Gonna Die" was released in January 2018.  This EP is a collection of songs about the things that keep me up at night — sometimes with a light-hearted or uplifting take, and sometimes not.  The title track is literally about how humanity on Earth has a limited amount of time (hopefully still millions of years), but that our existence is still a worthwhile thing of beauty; just BEING is what makes it all worth while.  This is a collection of songs I have written through the past three years that are intended to make the listener think and feel....something...anything.

After "The Whole World is Gonna Die" EP release, you can expect more from me in 2018 and beyond.  I have a number of projects in the works, including a second EP (finishing production and mastering currently), a meditation composition, and a full length album I am currently writing and recording.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled.